Herring   75,-
Marinated herring, currysalat, capers & onion

Red Herring  85,- 
Red, spicy herring, potatoes, caramelized onion, egg & homesmoked bacon

Lumpfish roe  125,- 
Creme fraise, lemon, herbs & crisp chicken skin

Smoked Salmon  110,- 
Cabbage, apple, dill & fresh cheese

Fried Plaice   100,-
Fried Plaice, remoulade & lemon - add hand peeled shrimps for 35,-

Chicken Salad   85,-
Chicken salad from French free-range chicken, with crisp chicken skin & pickled mushrooms

Beef Tatar   110,-
Fresh chopped organic beef tartar, horseradish, pickles, onions & egg yolk

Roast beef   85,-
Roast beef of Danish beef with pickles, fried onions, pickled onions & horseradish


One good cheese 45,-

3 good cheeses 90,-


Creme Brulée   75,-
Blood orange sorbet & lemon verbena